Stef Aerts (°1987) Together with his fellow graduates of the Herman Teirlinck Institute, he set up the FC Bergman theatre company in 2009. Their productions De Thuiskomst , Wandelen op de Champs Elysées…, 300el-50el-30el, Van den Vos were selected by various prominent theatre festivals and performed all over Europe. Their latest, Het Land Nod, was programmed during the entire Festival d’Avignon receiving both great critical and public acclaim. Separately, Stef was cast by director Ivo Van Hove for his productions at Toneelgroep Amsterdam on several occasions.
In the meantime he is playing supporting and guest parts in a dozen Flemish films and TV-drama as Witse, De Rodenburgs, De Kavjaks, Code 37... before taking to the impressive leading role in Adem (Oxygen), portraying a young muco patient’s emotional rollercoaster towards his anticipation of a lung transplant. For this character he won the award for best actor at the Amiens International Filmfest. After having played the lead in Felix Van Groeningen’s film Belgica, Stef Aerts portrayed Wesley in the popular TV series Callboys directed by Jan Eelen. At the moment he is presently performing the part of a vicious gangmember in Robin Pront’s version of the story about an anarchistic gang of robbers in 18th century. De bende van Jan de Lichte is broadcasting soon.

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