Serge Falck (°1966) was 18 when he moved to Austria to study at the Schauspielschule am Landestheater Innsbruck, where he also graduated. He worked as an actor at different theatre companies such as: in der Josefstadt, Volkstheater Wien, Volkstheater München, Volksoper Wien, Schauspielhaus Frankfurt. The German viewers will know him from the lead role in the success series Medicopter and Kaisermühlen-Blues from. Medicopter was on air for 8 years. He portrayed dozens of guest roles think of Deadline, Heer en Meester, Levenslied, In Flanders Fields, Schnell Ermittelt and supporting roles as Lukas Moosburger in CopStories.
Serge lives in Wenen but works in different countries, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. In Belgium he starred in de Smaak van de Keyser in 2008 and Les Steenfort. The Dutch will know him for his guest role Joachim in the Policeseries Van Speijk. Further he worked in the filmindustry with directors as Karin Brandauer, Wolfgang Murnberger, Dominique Othenin-Girard. He played in films as der Todestunnel, Mein bester Friend, Autsch!!, Auf Teufel komm raus and many more. His latest performance in 2017 was in the Dutch TV series Brussel.

Kris Vinck
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