Pieter Verelst (°1990) joined the royal academy of fine arts in Utrecht to study the art of acting. He graduated in 2014. In 2014 he played Oresteia at the Theatre company Het Noord Nederlands Toneel and he played Tijl Uilenspiegel at the Theatre company Sonnevanck. This performance was selected by the Official Jury Selection Dutch Theatre Festival for a Golden Cricket, the most inspiring performance of the year. That same year he won the jury and personality award with his final solo that he had written himself on the royal academy at the theatre festival GSCF.
In 2015 he played his first roles in a film named Paradise Trips directed by Raf Reyntjens and the movie Problemski Hotel. He made his TV debut in 2011 with a guest role for Zone Stad, Salamander,... Recently he was starring at a National TV-series called De Bunker as Vincent Kuppens. He played the role of Thomas Van Den Bossche the VTM hit Familie. In 2016 Pieter has won at the prestigious "Camaretten"- festival in the Netherlands. 
At the end of 2017 and 2018 Pieter will play in De Bunker 2, Gevoel voor Tumor and Voor de Leeuwen. 

Peter Jan Van Mieghem
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