Manou Kersting (°1962) is a Dutch actor who mainly is active in Flanders. In the theatre he belonged to the artistic core of the company WACKO, and he had the artistic direction of the companies Factorie and The Modern Stage. For Factorie he directed Other Things to be done in cases of force majeure and...  With Podium Modern he played two seasons in solo and trio in the season 2003 - 2004 in Off the record. In 2004 he played in the theatre Dolf Brouwers, Am IThat? written by Rob van Dalen, starring as Dolf Brouwers, with further Marieke van Leeuwen as Dolf woman Greet, Clous van Mechelen as himself.

In the 2008 - 2009 he performed the role of Theo Vynckier in the telenovela LouisLouise. In 2013 he striked in Crimi Clowns as Lou de man the feature film of the same series. In the meantime he played several guestroles in Aspe, Zone Stad, Code 37,... He had supporting roles in TV series as Matroesjka's and De Zuidflank. He also provided the voice over for Anubis and the Five of the Magical Sword. Recently he portrayed a role in the film Pippa and the newest film of Crimi Clowns: Uitschot. At the end of 2017 Manou will play in Robin Pront’s version of the story about an anarchistic gang of robbers in 18th century. De bende van Jan de Lichte is broadcasting soon.

Peter Jan Van Mieghem
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