Line Pillet (°1990) graduated in 2013 at the Luca School of Arts in Leuven. At the age of 20 she played her first main part as Katje in the well received arthouse movie Little Black Spiders. After a role in the film Paradise trips, a lot of short movies followed. In 2015 she played in the first short movie of Willy Vanderperre, Naked Heartland. After that she starred as a supporting role in a famous Belgian TV series Vermist. She also played alongside Lars Mikkelson and Veerle Baetens in the crime series The Team.

Recently she finished a lead role as Eline in the movie Alleen Eline. Alleen Eline will be on the screen at the end of 2017. In the future you can see Line portraying the character of Sarah Devriendt in a new TV series, 13 Geboden. Recently she's asked by Nicolas Cage to play in his new movie called Mandy.

Peter Jan Van Mieghem
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