Kim Hertogs (°1982) graduated from university as a Communication scientist in 2005, as well as from Theatre School of Maastricht in 2008. Straight after Theatre School-graduation, she started to act in TV-series like Louislouise, Aspe, Code 37, Duts, De Vijfhoek, … On the TV screen she is spotted by movie-directors and she is asked to play in Zot van A and Los Flamencos. Soon after this she took the leading part in a police series about hometown Antwerp named Zone Stad and got bigger parts in movies as Bowling Balls in the role of Sonja Slaets and Verborgen Verlangen as Vanessa Van Looy. Verborgen Verlangen will releas at the end of 2017.

In between filming, she writes and plays her own theatre plays such as Op zoek naar Milena, Spielzeit and works on several plays in collaboration with other companies 4Hoog and Madame Fortuna. She ownes her own coffee and bookbar in Antwerp named Buchbar. 

Kris Vinck
0032 (0) 475 677 865