Karlijn Sileghem (°1965) has a long-standing career in the theatre with companies such as Blauwe Maandag Companie, Raamtheater and Het Toneelhuis. With the plays Joko, Vrijen met dieren, Meneer Paul, Moedersnacht, De geit and Wie is Sylvia?. In 1996 she won a VSCD Colombia award for her role as Lilo in Meneer Paul. After she played Herenschap,followed by the play Onbevreesd in 2017.
Over the years, Karlijn has regularly appeared on TV, making guest appearances in Aspe, Heterdaad, Flikken, Zone Stad,… She received her first lead role in Het Peulengaleis but everyone will know her from the character Elisabeth Donkers in Katarakt and together with Tine Embrechts in the sketch program Anneliezen. She had supporting roles in the TV series Deadline 14/10, Sedes & Belli and as the mother of Tom, in Tom & Harry. She had a dozens of film roles including Marie Antoinette is niet dood, Suspect, Smoorverliefd, Mixed Kebab,.. In the near future you can see Karlijn starring in the short movie The Ape Man and in the new TV series 13 Geboden. 

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