Gert Portael (°1961) studied at the Studio Herman Teirlinck institute and graduated in 1983. She performed remarkable characters in films as Hombres Complicados, Iedereen beroemd, Koko Flanel and Daens. Iedereen beroemd and Daens were nomintated for an Oscar. She portrayed the mother in La Maison du Canal and played Sam in the film Elektra. Gert played several guest roles in different TV series as Het Peulengaleis, Chris & Co, Witse, Aspe, Flikken, Met Man en Macht, Callboys …

She made her theatre debut in 1984 with the performance De Getemde Feeks. She toured for two years with this production. In the early 90’s she became a fixture at Toneelgroep Ceremonia. They made the productions: Escalatie Ordinair and Soldaatfacteur en Rachel. In 1994 Gert was nominated for a Columbia Award for her part in Nora. She also worked for het Toneelhuis, NTGent, Tristero, Fc Bergman, Eisbär, Companie Lodewijk/Louis and KVS.
In 2010 they asked her to join the Eisbär Performancegroep and in 2011 she was asked to be part of Companie Lodewijk/Louis. In the same year she started with Iris Van Cauwenbergh en Chun-Hee Van Lommelen her own company: Stockholm. They made productions as Kafka and Murakami. In the last years she performs and coaches at different theatre companies. Gert Portael is a teacher at the conservatory in Antwerp. 

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