Dahlia Pessemiers (°1975) graduated in 1998 from the Herman Teirlinck Institute. She is the co-founder of the theatre company De Alpenzusjes en made different theatre performances. In 2010 Dahlia realised a solo performance called MozaIK. She starred in many other theatre plays as Ventië, Private Lifes, Het sproojesbordeel for Het Toneelhuis, De Meeuw, and her latest production Baba for HETPALEIS also directed by her.
Her first lead role in a TV series was that one of Birsen in the telenovela Emma. She played a lot of guest roles in Thuis, Witse, Wittekerke, Zéro default, … The Flemish viewers will know her as Zohra in the VRT series De Ridder. She played in several short movies, One Shot Wonder, Nightshift, Over Zonen and Lost in the Middle. Dahlia is now recording for the film De dag dat mijn huis viel. 

Peter Jan Van Mieghem
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