Circé Lethem (°1976) started acting in 1993 at the age of 17 when she got the lead role in Portrait d'un Jeune Fille de la Fin des Années 60 à Bruxelles. The film was part of a prestigious film collection on Arte in which French Directors were asked to make one-hour films about their adolescence. After the shooting she decided to study drama at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. During her last year of Drama school she was asked by director Jürgen Gosh to play De Nachthal. In 1997 she was invited by the theatre groups Dito'dito and Transquinquennal to join the cast of Ja ja maar nee nee, also called Ah oui ça alors là. They toured for 5 years in Belgium, The Nederlands, Germany and France. She also worked on stage with Adrian Brine, Jules-Henri Marchant and Hanneke Paauwe. In 2016 she had lots of fun to play the character of Cherubino in "Figaro!" with theatre group Comp. Marius.
On the screen she had some beautiful parts in French and Belgian Films such as Adrian's sister in La Chambre des Officiers, Anna in "Les Destinées Sentimentales, Ariane in J'aurais Voulu être un Danseur, Soeur Irène in Soeur Sourire, by Stijn Coninx and Iris Kryotos in De Behandeling even known as The Treatment. She portrayed a lot of guest roles in Vermist, Witse and Familie. Her latest character was in the film Les Survivants in 2016.


Peter Jan Van Mieghem
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