Anemone Valcke (°1990) obtained a Master degree in dramatic arts at SCHOOL OF ARTS, KASK in 2013. Her career started with a supporting role in the hit movie Moscow Belgium. She topped that by playing a supporting role in the internationally acclaimed film Adem even known as Oxygen, for this role she was awarded the prize for "Best Actress in supporting role" at the Film Festival in Ostend. In 2012 she played the lead role of the character Vicky in 0ffline. In February 2012 she recorded Inside Sadness followed by Brasserie Romantiek. She performed in short films Adam&Eva and A day off. Anemone impersonated some guest-appearances in Belgian series such as Aspe, Witse, Code 37, Vermist and Zone Stad. From 2013 till 2015 you can see her in Loslopend Wild, a comical series for VRT, also in Vriendinnen and in Zingaburia as a princess. In 2015 she stared in Bevergem and in the international hit series The Missing. In 2017 she will interpret a main role in an 18th century new costume drama series De bende van Jan de Lichte. 

She played in the theatre productions NEST and GONE. Anemone made two Theatre shows “Report On The Party And The Guest” and “Een Lied”. In the Flemish Theatre she performed in 2014 in the play Wijven of the collective Ontroerend Goed. She has played in Berlin with Paard, een Opera and Andere Hoeren and in a swiss production in Ghent called Please, continue Macbeth. In 2016 she performed in KRIEP a thriller for childeren. Anemone toured with the band Bevergem. The musicband was created because of the success of the series. 

Peter Jan Van Mieghem
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