Jan Decleir (°1946) is one of Belgiumʼs most renowned actors. He began his career on the stage, where he formed part of companies such as the KNS, De Internationale, Nieuwe Scène and De Blauwe Maandag Compagnie. In addition, he also toured extensively, performing theatre monologues by writers such as Dario Fo and Hugo Claus. 
In the early 70ʼs, Jan Decleir made his film debut in Mira. He gained international recognition with his portrayal of the priest Daens in Daens a film by Stijn Coninx, a film that received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. Jan Decleir also delivered remarkable lead performances in Oscar-winning films. In Antonia we see him assume the character of the rather withdrawn neighbour Bas. In Karakter, he portrayed the uncompromising bailiff Dreverhaven. The Memory of a Killer even known as De zaak Alzheimer, in which Jan Decleir plays the assassin Led, is another film that gained international recognition in 2003. In the US, there were even comparisons made with film greats such as Robert De Niro, Dennis Hopper, Anthony Hopkins and Gene Hackman. He was awarded for Best Actor at the 2005 Montreal Film Festival for his role as John Roerhorst in Off Screen. Further there were roles in films such as Verlengd Weekend in 2005, Wolfsbergen, Man zkt vrouw, Les barons, Flying Home, ... In Flemish TV series he had a lot of guest and supporting roles in Stille Water, Matroesjka's, De Kavijaks, Kulderzipken and many many more. 

Recently he portrayed in TV fiction series Met Man En Macht and Den Elfde van den Elfde. In 2016 he performed in Doden Hoek a film by Nabil Ben Yadir. From now on you will see Jan in a new VRT series Tytgat Chocolat. 

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