Greet Verstraete (°1985) graduated in 2008 at the Theatre Academy of Amsterdam. In that year she performed in two theatre plays at the company Villanella called Sneeuwwitje en de zeven verzuchten and Smeltende gedachten. In Het Toneelhuis she played in the productions De Geruchten and Titu Andrionicus. After she performed at company Onroerend Goed with plays as Dieven and Under the influence. At the moment she performes at Compagnie Cecilia with Zingarate.
Greet made her TV debut with a guest role in 12 episodes of the TV series F.C. De Kampioenen and played several guest parts in De Ronde, W817, Dubbelleven, Vossenstreken and De Ridder. Her first supporting role was in Deadline 14/10 as June Merckx and portrayed the character of Suzy Van Hoeylandt in the 2 season VTM series Cordon. In the near future you can see Greet starring in the TV series De bende van Jan de Lichte, Gent West and in Jan Verheyen’s new film Het Tweede Gelaat.

Peter Jan Van Mieghem
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