Eline van der Velden is the 2X award winning Actress/Writer/Director of Miss Holland and the Bad News Crew, beating the BBC and Yahoo age 26 at the Lovie Awards  She has become one of the digital world’s most sought after creators and feminist activists.
Having studied Nuclear Fusion Physics at Imperial College London, she taught physics and maths while gaining parts in Dutch series: The Throne (De Troon), Overspel & Beatrix

In 2012, she created her own comedy show “Miss Holland” which got over 1M views online. 
She repeated this success with a comedy sketch show The Bad News Crew in 2013, becoming the number 1 Maker on DailyMotion.
In 2014 Eline created and wrote 5 new online shows for Endemol Beyond, starring London Hughes, Mawaan Rizwan, Mae Martin and Emily Hartridge.

This past year she has released 3 new Comedy Shows, 2 Sexy Science Shows and has become the Managing Director of the next big video platform Makers Channel, as well as the face of Andrelon, launching in April. 

Her physical comedy skills are outstanding, which is why award-winning directors such as Mike van Diem, Diederik van Rooijen en Erik de Bruyn have all requested to work with her.  Media giant John de Mol cast her as the lead in the Talpa Fiction's (ITV) newest comedy pilot last year.

She speaks fluent Dutch, German, French, English and Papiamento and has lived in 7 countries, but I leave it up to you to decide whether that is at all relevant.

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