Charlotte De Bruyne started acting in 2002 at the Ghent based youth theatre “Kopergietery”.

This is where she met Alexander Devriendt and his company Ontroerend Goed.
She was part of their performance about teenagers “Once and for all we gonna tell you who we are so shut up and listen”.
After a two year world tour (Europe, North America & Australia) with this show she played in several other shows of this international theatre company including “The smile off your face”, “A game of you”, “A History of Everything”, “Fight Night” and “Sirens”. Until today she is working on new shows with Ontroerend Goed.
She went to the royal academy of fine arts in Ghent (KASK) to study acting.

In 2012 she played her first movie role in “Little Black Spiders” directed by Patrice Toye. Toye saw Charlotte on stage and asked her to play the main character “Roxanne”.
In 2014 she played Isabelle, the female lead, in “Flying home” (released as “Racing Hearts” in the US) directed by Dominique Deruddere, In this project she performed at the side of Jamie Dornan who plays the lead.
After this she did a TV-series on national television called “Vriendinnen” where she played the lead character called “Nel”.

In 2016 two features will be released. One of them is called “Calico Skies”, a US production directed by Italian director Valerio Esposto. The leading character is played by Tom Sizemore. 

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